4H of Sepang - Asian Le Mans Series 2019-2020
Feb 14-15 2020

Committee decisions  
Asian_1920_D0000-All-Committee rules_30102019 Sat-12:16 Open
Asian_1920_D0001-GT3-BOP-SHAN_30102019 Sat-12:17 Open
Asian_1920_D0002-LMP3-Minimum weight_30102019 Sat-12:17 Open
Asian_1920_D0003-LMP2-LMP2 Am-LMP3-Fuel rig restrictor_30102019 Sat-12:17 Open
Asian_1920_D0004-All-On board cameras_18112019 Fri-09:45 Open
Asian_1920_D0009-All-Corrections to the regulations_19122019 Fri-07:49 Open
Asian_1920_D0005-All-Fuel spec_19112019 Sat-12:18 Open
Asian_1920_D0006-All-Tyre blankets_21112019 Sat-12:18 Open
Asian_1920_D0007-GT3-BOP-BEND_19122019 Fri-07:37 Open
Asian_1920_D0008-LMP2-Tyre allocation-BEND_19122019 Fri-07:38 Open
Asian_1920_D0011-All-Fuel spec-BURI_19122019 Fri-07:41 Open
Asian_1920_D0010-All-Tyres used to join the grid_19122019 Fri-07:39 Open
Asian_1920_D0012-All-Clarification manipulation of cars in pitlane_19122019 Fri-07:42 Open
Asian_1920_D0013-GT3-BOP-SEPA_07022020 Fri-18:59 Open
Asian_1920_D0014-All-Clarification tyre rule_12022020 Fri-09:01 Open
Asian_1920_D0015-GT3-BOP-BURI_20022020 Fri-10:48 Open

Asian Le Mans Series
Event info  
2019 - 2020 Asian Le Mans Series Sepang Provisional Event Schedule V21 Thu-17:30 Open
Circuit Map - Sepang - 20200212 Thu-17:31 Open
ANNEXE 1 Asian Le Mans Series Sepang 2020 v2 Fri-13:55 Open
2019-2020 Asian Le Mans Series Final Entry List 4 hours of Sepang Fri-14:31 Open
FP1 Results Sat-08:50 Open
FP2 Results Sat-08:50 Open
Qualifying - Provisional Results Sat-13:50 Open
Qualifying - Final Results Sat-15:19 Open
Round 3 Start Grid Sat-15:19 Open
Race - Intermediate result - after 1 hour Sat-18:57 Open
Race - Intermediate result - after 2 hour Sat-20:08 Open
Race - Intermediate result - after 3 hour Sat-20:54 Open
Race - Provisional Results Sat-22:11 Open
Race - Final Results Sat-23:48 Open
Stewards decision  
SD01 Frost Categorization Fri-14:16 Open
SD02 Car 14 Number Change Fri-14:16 Open
SD03 Pitlane Speed Car 45 Sat-13:51 Open
SD04 Withdrawal Car 90 Sat-13:51 Open
SD05 Red Flag Speed Car 36 Sat-13:51 Open
SD06 Withdrawal Car 16 Sat-13:51 Open
SD07 Withdrawal Car 17 Sat-13:52 Open
SD08 Red Flag Speed Car 1 Sat-13:52 Open
SD09 Red Flag Speed Car 51 Sat-13:53 Open
SD11 Red Flag Speed Car 7 Sat-13:53 Open
SD12 Withdrawal Car 4 Sat-13:53 Open
SD13 Withdrawal Car 59 Sat-13:54 Open
SD14 Unsafe Release Car 7 Sat-13:54 Open
SD15 Unsafe Release Car 45 Sat-13:54 Open
SD16 GT Qualifying Track Limits Sat-13:54 Open
SD17 LMP3 Qualifying Track Limits Sat-13:55 Open
SD10 Unsafe Release Car 34 Sat-13:56 Open
SD18 Red Flag Speed Car 34 Sat-20:09 Open
SD19 Red Flag Speed Car 33 Sat-20:09 Open
SD20 Safety Car Restart Car 52 Sat-20:10 Open
SD21 Spinning Wheels Car 26 Sat-20:10 Open
SD22 Collision Car 8 Sat-20:10 Open
SD23 Pitlane Speed Car 3 Sat-20:11 Open
SD24 Pitlane Speed Car 65 Sat-20:11 Open
SD25 FCY Speed Car 34 Sat-22:32 Open
SD26 Collision Car 33 Sat-22:33 Open
SD27 Pitstop Time Car 2 Sat-22:33 Open
SD28 Rear Light Car 36 Sat-22:33 Open
SD29 FCY Speed Car 27 Sat-22:33 Open
2019 - 2020 Asian LMS Sepang - Drivers _ Team Manager Briefing v1 Thu-17:32 Open
2019 - 2020 Asian LMS Sepang - Drivers Briefing Notes v1 Thu-17:33 Open
2019 - 2020 Asian LMS Sepang - Team Managers Briefing Notes v1 Thu-17:34 Open
Scrutineering Schedule Sepang Asian Le Mans Series V2 Thu-17:35 Open
Technical Delegate's Report No. 1 Fri-16:08 Open